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Tradition’s Central and Eastern Power Desk made the first Hungarian Power Exchange Cleared Deal

On 10 August 2011, Tradition made the first Hungarian Power Exchange (HUPX) OTC cleared deal. It

was 5MW of Q112 Hungary Baseload, at 61.30 Euro/MWh. The trade will be cleared via ECX clearing house which also clears EEX business, this offers the possibility of cross market cleared spreads in the future.

Jason Curtis, Manager C.E.E., S.E.E. and Italian Power at Tradition, comments-

“Tradition is pleased to announce the successful cooperation with HUPX (The Hungarian Power Exchange) and will continue to innovate with new products in the Power markets of Central and South Eastern Europe. We hope that Cleared Power products in Hungary will complement the already liquidOTC market, adding to the Trading and Hedging Instruments already at our customers’ disposal.”


Kayi Ho – Marketing & Communications, Tradition

Tel: +44 (0)20 7198 5820

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