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Tradition Energy Ranked At The Top For Natural Gas Forecasting In 2013

STAMFORD, CT – February 13, 2014 — Tradition Energy is pleased to announce that it has ranked at the top of the industry for accuracy among weekly natural gas inventory forecasters as tallied by Energy Metro Desk Magazine. Once again, Tradition Energy was the only energy management and procurement consultant ranked in the top five.

Every week, Energy Metro Desk, one of the most respected resources for energy professionals, solicited natural gas inventory price estimates from approximately 40 forecasters representing energy commodity trading firms, banks, news services and brokerage houses.  The cumulative scores reflected the accuracy of the forecaster’s estimates as compared to the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s official weekly storage report.

“We are very pleased that Tradition’s natural gas forecasts have again ranked at the top,” said Alan Kurzer, CEO, Tradition Energy. “Given the impact of natural gas on electricity prices, accurate forecasting is critical in helping our commercial, industrial and governmental clients better time energy procurements and manage their exposure to energy price risk. Furthermore, these consistent results, year after year, demonstrate the value we bring to our clients.”

Addison Armstrong, Senior Director of Market Research, who leads the Tradition Energy team generating these forecasts added, “Without our constant, first-hand involvement in the wholesale energy markets we could never gain the knowledge to be so consistent and successful in forecasting natural gas storage levels and their impact on electricity prices. It is very rewarding to see this information translate into improved prices for our clients.”

The final tally for 2013 natural gas forecasts are on the table below:

Table (2)


Tradition Energy, Scott Merrell, Senior Director, Sales & Marketing, 713-609-9922

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