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Tradition Energy Launches New Service To Reduce Client Transmission And Capacity Charges

Monitoring Service Alerts Clients When Prices Are Highest

Stamford, CT – June 16, 2015  —  Recently, Tradition Energy introduced a new monitoring service to help its clients reduce their energy usage during periods of high electricity grid demand.  The service, which covers the ERCOT, PJM, and ISO-NE regions, is valuable for clients because it enables them to reduce their transmission charges for the following year.

Capacity and transmission charges are determined for most customers by their usage during the highest system demands in the June 1st to September 30th time period (although peaks can also be established in other months as well) from the preceding year. These times of “Coincident Peak” across the system are referred to as the CP events. This usage is often termed a customer’s “capacity tag,” though official terminology varies from market to market.  Clients who have the ability to manage their load on the days that are likely to contain the CP events can achieve significant savings by reducing the baseline that determines their total charge.

Although not all clients have the flexibility to curtail or reduce their energy usage during the CP events, the monitoring reports still provide value by alerting them to a high energy price environment. This is helpful if they are contemplating the start date for a new contract, for example. The monitoring reports are currently produced on a daily basis and include daily, and either a 3-day ahead or week-ahead forecast, depending on the market.  If you are interested in reviewing CP reports for your region, please contact your Tradition Energy advisor.

Marketing Contact:

Scott Merrell, Senior Director, Marketing, 713-609-9922

About Tradition Energy

Tradition Energy is one of the world’s largest and most experienced full-service energy management consultants serving more than 1000 commercial, industrial and governmental clients ranging from Fortune 500 global companies to medium-sized businesses to local municipalities.  Tradition Energy is part of the Tradition Group, a leading global institutional broker of financial and commodity products.  Tradition employs over 2,400 people in 28 countries around the world and is publically listed on the Swiss stock exchange (CFT).