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Tradition Energy Holds 2015 Energy Price Forecast “Mid-Year Update” Seminars

Stamford, CT, August 19, 2015 – Recently, Tradition Energy held seminars to present its 2015 Energy Price Forecast – Mid-Year Update.   The seminars, which are part of an ongoing calendar of educational events, are offered twice a year to clients and special guests to provide updates on critical policy/regulatory changes and regional market drivers to inform client procurement strategies.  Tradition Energy experts, Ben Parker, Senior Director, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions, and Derek Salvino, Vice President, Market Research, led the seminars in Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, and Stamford.

ben speaks at Boston MidYear Seminar_cropped

Ben Parker, Senior Director, Northeast & Mid-Atlantic Regions, addressing seminar attendees.

“The seminars provide a comprehensive review of natural gas and electricity markets, their drivers, and Tradition’s price outlook,” explained Ben Parker.  “The Mid-Year Update was previously broadcast via a live webinar earlier in the month, however the interactive seminars have become increasingly popular with clients looking for a more in-depth explanation on the Forecast.”

Derek speaks at Boston MidYear Seminar_Cropped

Derek Salvino, Vice President, Market Research, presents the MidYear Energy Forecast Update.

“The main message from the report is that prices are expected to rise back to “normal” levels in the next six months after dropping over the past few months,” commented Derek Salvino.  “Market research has shown that electricity prices will rise to match a continuously rising demand, even with a higher supply of natural gas.”

For More Information About the Mid-Year Update:

Scott Merrell, Senior Director, Marketing, 713-609-9922

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