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Tradition Energy Conducts 2018 Energy Price Forecast Seminars


Eugene McGillian presenting to clients at The Boston College Club, in Boston, MA

Stamford, CT, March 5, 2018 – Last week, Tradition Energy completed its 2017 Energy Price Forecast Seminars, which were conducted for clients in cities across the U.S. The annual seminar presentations, which summarize Tradition’s Bi-Annual Energy Price Forecast Report, provide commercial, industrial, and governmental energy managers an intimate discussion with Tradition Energy experts about key factors likely to drive energy commodity price volatility over the coming year.


2018 Energy Price Forecast Seminar at The Delamar Southport Hotel, in Southport, CT

Eugene McGillian, Vice President of Market Research, led the seminars, and was supported by Tradition Energy’s regional Energy Advisors. The 2018 Forecast will be revisited in July and a new report will be produced as a Mid-Year Update.


G. Scott Merrell, Senior Director, Marketing, 713-609-9922

About Tradition Energy

Tradition Energy is the nation’s largest and most experienced independent energy risk management and procurement advisor, serving more than 1,300 commercial, industrial and governmental clients ranging from Fortune 500 global companies to medium-sized businesses to local municipalities. Tradition Energy is part of the Tradition Group, a leading global institutional broker of financial and commodity products. Tradition employs over 2,300 people in 28 countries around the world and is publicly listed on the Swiss stock exchange (CFT).