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Ben Parker Speaks At Inaugural Symposium Of Rhode Island Energy Purchasing Professionals

 Energy Managers Educated On The Proven Advantages Of Purchasing Energy Through An Advisor

 Stamford, CT – October 25, 2013  —  On Wednesday, Ben Parker, Sr. Director, Tradition Energy, presented at the inaugural “Joint Energy Symposium” hosted by The Energy Council of Rhode Island (TEC-RI) and the Institute of Supply Management of Greater Rhode Island.

 The symposium was developed for business managers, purchasing managers, energy managers and facilities managers and designed to provide the information necessary to help these disciplines understand the options available within the market.

 “The symposium program was very useful in part because it helped form a basis for dialogue within the member organizations and companies to formulate or improve energy management efforts and saving money,” commented Mr. Parker. “We presented the perspective of an unbiased advisor and highlighted the value an advisor can bring to an energy purchaser.”

 Also speaking at the symposium was the governor of Rhode Island, the Honorable Lincoln Chafee, and a representative of ISO-New England.


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