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Addison Armstrong To Deliver Keynote Speech For MIT Enterprise Forum Pittsburgh’s 3rd Annual Energy Conference

STAMFORD, CT – November 30, 2012 — Addison Armstrong, Sr. Director of Market Research at Tradition Energy, will be will be the keynote speaker for the MIT Enterprise Forum Pittsburgh’s 3rd Annual Energy Conference titled Energy Innovation Pittsburgh.

Energy Innovation Pittsburgh will highlight innovation that enables the ramping up of energy supply and panelists will discuss new energy technologies in natural gas, coal and other energy innovations, as well as what big energy is doing in R&D.

The speech, titled “Beyond Innovation; Connecting Western Pennsylvania to the Wide World of Energy,” is intended to tie together some of the regional themes that will be explored during the conference proceedings and place them in the context of the broader global energy markets,” Armstrong said.

Held at University Club (Oakland), 123 University Place, Pittsburgh, PA, the event takes place on Tuesday, December 4, from 2-9pm. Please click the following link for more information or to register:


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Tradition Energy is one of the world’s largest energy management and procurement advisors to commercial, industrial and governmental organizations with over 300 energy specialists in 11 offices covering both the wholesale and retail energy markets since 1986. Tradition Energy is part of the Tradition Group, a leading global institutional broker of financial and commodity products. Tradition employs over 2,500 people in 27 countries around the world and is publically listed on the Swiss stock exchange (CFT).