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Morning Energy Blog – September 27, 2016

Equities and the Economy: U.S. equities were on the defensive yesterday. One stupid headline I read blamed the unknown surrounding last night’s presidential debate. The real reason was something that didn’t even happen in America (which is why I follow global events). Deutsche Bank’s stock, Germany’s largest bank, got whacked yesterday, down 7.1% and hitting […]

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Monthly U.S. renewable electricity generation in 2016 surpasses previous years

The US electricity supply mix is changing, and renewable energy electricity generation in 2016 has already surpassed renewable generation from 2015. Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, Electric Power Monthly Renewable electricity generation has surpassed levels from previous years in every month so far this year, based on data through June. Both hydroelectric and nonhydroelectric renewables […]

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Rhode Island Lawmakers Pass Bill To Increase Renewables Mandate

Rhode Island, a state that already has committed to renewable energy with a 30MW Block Island wind farm beginning generation this summer, is now committing to 40% renewable energy by 2035.  With this mandate, Rhode Island will attract new business from renewable energy companies and add billions of dollars into the state’s economy. The Rhode […]

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Solar Will Replace Nearly All Retiring Coal in Texas

Coal and natural gas plants are retiring in Texas. Now may be the time to look into solar and storage options to provide energy stability for the future. ERCOT may need to plan for a skinny duck curve. In the next 15 years, Texas expects to add somewhere between 14 and 27 gigawatts of solar […]

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Nuclear Plants, Despite Safety Concerns, Gain Support as Clean Energy Sources

Not many people consider nuclear power as a clean power source.  Nuclear is actually the cleanest of any power source besides the classic solar, wind, and hydro power sources.  The future of our sustainability efforts will rely on the continued operation of these low-price-generating sources. The Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania. Exelon, […]

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Renewables Are Leaving Natural Gas In The Dust This Year

Renewable energy is growing.  The extent to which it is growing is remarkable though, with 70 times more renewable capacity added than natural gas (18MW for natural gas vs 1,291MW for renewables). In the first three months of 2016, the U.S. grid added 18 megawatts of new natural gas generating capacity. It added a whopping […]

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